Choose a Date: Third Annual NAC Teen SOYO Day of Service is March 2017

The third Annual NAC Teen SOYO Day of Service will be hosted by SOYO chapters across the United States and Canada during the Month of March.

In reverence to the fundamental virtue of love, NAC Teen SOYO has asked that its chapters across the country dedicate at least one day during the month of March to the service of their local communities. SOYO members are being encouraged to organize an event on this date that will enable you to show Christ-like charity to your neighbors.

We want to see what you are doing, so tag @NACSOYO and use the hashtag #SOYOservice in your posts on social media and also post your photos with your Parish Name, City, and State (in the Name field) and add the Tag #SOYOservice on our new SOYO photos page.

By posting your SOYO Day of Service Photo on our picture page, your local SOYO will be entered in a contest to win a beautiful mounted icon of the new Saint Paisios of Mount Athos, by simply including your parish’s name in your photo posts.  This beautiful large mounted icon is a print of the same icon used for the 2016 Icon Book Mark for SOYO Special Olympics Awareness Day, commissioned by SOYO for the 2016 Special Olympics Awareness Day.