Teen SOYO seeks to integrate each young person fully into the Total life of the Church. SOYO brings its members to a deeper devotion to the Holy Orthodox Church, its faith, canons and worship. Teen SOYO creates and fosters ministries to encourage Members to commit themselves to living the Orthodox Faith daily. The combination of Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship are the natural expressions of that commitment.

SOYO Bookstore Now Open

Check out our new SOYO Bookstore, where you can find items being sold by teens across the archdiocese.

Diocese of Los Angeles and the West SOYO video

The Diocese of Los Angeles and the west posted the following video from their October meeting in Santa Clarita California.

New SOYO Manual

New SOYO Manual for Starting and Maintaining a Parish SOYO Chapter has just been released by Teen SOYO.  You may download it here.

Pumpkins Sold to Rasie Funds for SOYO Special Olympics by the Youth of Everson WA

The young people of Saint Innocent Parish Everson Washington sold pumpkins to raise $355 for SOYO Special Olympics.  We commend these young people for a job very well done, which [...]

Meet the 2016-2017 SOYO Board! – YouTube

The Diocese of Los Angeles and the West SOYO Officers introduce themselves in this video.